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One of the most haunting comics this year has been Long Lost from Scout Comics, exploring the tale of two estranged sisters who are drawn back to their small southern hometown to uncover all sorts of bizarre mysteries. The comic, written by Matthew Erman and illustrated by Lisa Sterle, could be making the jump to TV soon as it's in development with writer / producer Jenny Klein.

Jenny Klein had this to say about her exciting new project: “The world of Long Lost is beautifully bizarre and full of the dark humor that I love so much about the main characters, estranged sisters Piper and Frances. As soon as I picked up this unique comic written by Matthew Erman with charmingly creepy art by Lisa Sterle, I was invested in the sisters’ quest to uncover the mysteries of their weird little hometown, Hazel Patch. As I adapt the comic for live-action, the deliciously dark whimsy of Long Lost inspires me to have the most fun with genre through a character-driven, twisty story that will keep the audience’s mythos questions rolling.”

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Lisa Sterle (Artist/Co-Creator, Long Lost) added: "We are so excited to work with Jenny Klein on Long Lost's live-action development. Her work is absolutely stellar and her passion for this story and for these characters is unmistakable. We couldn't have found a better person to adapt Long Lost and we can't wait to show you all what's in store."
Matthew Erman (Writer/Co-Creator, Long Lost) said: "Long Lost is weird. Really weird. Weirder than I think some people give it credit for and it delights me to no end that Jenny Klein gets it. Her passion. Her sensibilities. Her innate understanding of a story that Lisa and I have poured our hearts into creating. Her willingness to really go along for the ride with us and as a fan of the series. I'm honored to have her working on Long Lost as it moves into the next new, strange stage of its life. She really is the perfect person for Long Lost. I can't wait."

This is some awesome news. Long Lost definitely lends itself to another medium with it's spooky, unsettling nature. It's like a supernatural Twin Peaks in some ways. We'll follow this closely and see where the series might end up next. For now, the comic has entered its second half and is marching towards its finale.

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