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Baltimore The Play CoverWhen I received the email from Dark Horse Comics that announced Baltimore: The Play, my initial thought was "How the hell are they going to turn a comic about a peg-legged WWI veteran turned vampire hunter into a stage production?"  Fortunately I read on and found out that this was just the title of the next installment of the story of Lord Baltimore.  The Play, scheduled for release on November 21st, 2012, involves a mad playwright who is putting on a Grand Guignol with actors that are real vampires.  The financier of the play finds out that the author is a fraud and the true writer of the play is actually the disembodied head of a famous American author kept in a glass case.  Sounds totally normal, right?  

That's not all, horror fans.  Coming on February 20th, 2013, is a double feature of Baltimore tales in The Widow and the Tank.  The former centers on a woman who is visited by the war buddies of her dead husband...only they're vampires now and they're looking for food in their hometown.  The Tank has Baltimore learning of a wrecked tank out in a field which is rumored to house a vampire who has been eating local cattle and terrorizing the nearby residents.  

But wait!  There's more!  Next up is Baltimore: The Inquisitor which features the origin story of Judge Duvic, one of the main antagonists in the story.  This is due out on June 19th, 2013.

So there you have it.  The next three installments of Baltimore.  I've really been enjoying the series so far.  Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden have carved out this badass niche in the vampire mythos where this character is tough-as-nails and ruthlessly hunts down bloodsuckers.  The previous installments have been slowly increasing so I'm happy to see more on the way.  

What do you think of these new Baltimore titles?  Which one are you most looking forward to?



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