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If you've ever read Harry Potter and wanted more of the occult mixed in, I've got a comic for you. Blackwood from writer Evan Dorkin and artist Veronica Fish is coming this May from Dark Horse Comics. It deals with a supernatural murder mystery set in a school of sorcery. That is one great logline.

Blackwood College replaces the general education requirements and various fraternities and sororities with occult training, the undead dean's curse, a mischievous two-headed mummy-chimp, and a plague of mutant insects. I don't know about you, but they had me at the mummy-chimp. That's just the beginning as four teens enroll to enhance their supernatural abilities. On top of this and all the pressures of college life, they discover an ancient evil that forces them to undergo a crash course in the occult for the sake of the world.

Blackwood #1 is set for release on May 30th, 2018. It will feature a variant cover by Becky Cloonan. Subsequent variant covers are illustrated by Tyler Crook, Declan Shalvey, and Jordie Bellaire.


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