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October is always a busy month for horror comics and this year is shaping up to be a banner time for fans of spooky funny books. Dynamite Entertainment and Topps have announced a brand new Mars Attacks series launching this October that's sure to melt your face off. Written by Kyle Starks and illustrated by Chris Schweizer, this series is definitely in good hands. Here's the write-up from the publisher:

In Mars Attacks! #1, Spencer hasn’t finished a dang thing in his life. So when he goes to visit his dad to see if maybe he can borrow some money, the last thing on his mind is global survival. Now Spencer and his father are on the run, trying to avoid being spaceray’d by a bunch of destruction happy Martians, heck-bent on zapping them dead!

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Mars Attacks! is coming back to comic stands and I’m thrilled to be a part of it,” said writer Kyle Starks.  “I’ll be bringing my two-time Eisner nominated trademark humor and action to this totally awesome and classic franchise.”

“It gets even better.  We’ve got award-winning cartoonist Chris Schweizer for art duties and he’s going to hit a home run,” added Starks.  “Schweizer and Starks go together with Mars Attacks! as well as death rays and flying saucers.   This is going to bonkers hilarious, bombastically over-the-top fun."

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“I’ve been waiting to see Dynamite’s take on Mars Attacks! for over a year and I’m so excited with what the creative team has done,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO & Publisher.  “I’ve been a fan ever since the 1962 trading cards and our series really reflects the tone of the original.”

Fans can expect an array of covers for Mars Attacks! #1 including work from Tom Mandrake, Ruairi Coleman, Eoin Marron, Robert Hack, and a special subscription cover from Schweizer. A Blank Authentix Edition will also be available, along with a special remarked edition from Ken Haeser. Look for the first issue in October 2018.

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