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Two new books for Delirium's book club hit this month, as well as a new entry in the John Crowley series from Morning Star and Michael Louis Calvillo novel from DarkFuse.



After The Fade SmallAfter the Fade
Written by Ronald Malfi
Novel published by Delirium Books
$4.99 (Kindle Edition)
Released on May 15th, 2012

It was a typical evening at a local Annapolis tavern, until a girl walked in, collapsed and died.

The cause of her death was anything but natural. Something had latched itself to the base of her skull. Some type of creature unlike anything seen before.

And it didn't arrive alone.

Now, the patrons of The Fulcrum are trapped, held prisoner within the tavern's walls by monstrous things that flit across the night sky, trying to find their way in.

This title is book #10 of the Delirium Book Club 2012.


Lambs SmallLambs
Written by Michael Louis Calvillo
Novel published by DarkFuse Publications
$6.99 (Kindle Edition)
Released on May 15th, 2012

Plagued by a trio of murderous ghosts, Arthur has bigger problems than your average teenager. Young love, wild hormones, and The System haunt him, but those phantoms are nothing compared to the concern he has when watching the darkened corners and deep shadows around him. These spaces are now consumed by a spectral evil seemingly hell-bent on destroying everyone he loves.

As the bodies pile up, Arthur distances himself from his roommate, Connor, a pyromaniac crack-baby with destructive tendencies, and his girlfriend, Melanie, an all-American Satanist with a hidden agenda. He embarks upon a grisly odyssey of self-discovery in hopes of burying the past, cleansing his soul, and obliterating the blood-thirsty spirits once and for all.


Reign Of Blood SmallReign of Blood
Written by Sandy DeLuca
Novel published by Delirium Books
$4.99 (Kindle Edition)
Released on May 15th, 2012

Darcy's life was unlike other girls. Obsessed with the lives of killers like Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate, she memorized their deeds and reveled in their love.

She moved from town to town with her mother—a con and murderer—evading police, leaving behind a bloody trail of death and terror.

But everything changed when they moved to Barlow Falls. The dead greeted them and an enigmatic man named Bobby seduced Darcy, showing her scenes of destruction and carnage.

He took her away from Barlow Falls, but in time she learned he was more vicious and colder than her mother, capable of destroying entire families and persuading innocent victims to follow him on a vile, bloody path.

Years later the murderous duo returns to Barlow Falls, and Darcy learns startling truths about herself, her family and the dead who haunt her.

This title is book #9 of the Delirium Book Club 2012.


Under The Overtree SmallUnder the Overtree
Written by James A. Moore
Novel published by Morning Star
$5.99 (Kindle Edition), $59.00 (Limited Hardcover)
Released on May 15th, 2012

Book 3 in the John Crowley Series.

Can you hear it? The whispered laughter carried by the wind?

Can you see Them? The faint shadowy forms that move through the woods near Lake Overtree. The ones whose very presence is silencing the wild life?

Can you feel the changes in the air? The changes taking place in one young man whose entire world is shifting, changing to accommodate his desires. The girl of his dreams is his for the taking, the kids who bullied him are going away one by one, and even his worst enemies are seeing him in a different light. His body, once soft and flabby, has grown strong and lean, something he never expected would happen. His stepfather, Joe, has finally stopped looking at him like garbage and started treating him like a real son. Every hope, every wish that Mark Howell has known in his lonely life is coming true.

Can you hear it? The mournful wails of families torn apart by the loss of their loved ones? The faint screams of the damned, of those foolish enough to cross his path?

Listen carefully.
It's happening.
Mark's world is changing, regardless of the cost.
It's happening.




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