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Mirka Andolfo's next series, Mercy is set to debut in the United States in March 2020 from Image Comics. I'm eagerly awaiting it so I was happy to see the publisher share a preview of the first issue of the six-issue mini-series digging into the possible origins of the mysterious Lady Hellaine. Mercy was recently released in Italy by Panini Comics.

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Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy begins when the placid mining village of Woodsburgh is disturbed by a series of brutal murders, sending the settlement into turmoil. As the first snow covers the chaos in a white blanket, a mysterious woman in black arrives, eliciting a totally different kind of unrest. But who is Lady Hellaine, really? And what’s her secret agenda?

“I'm so thrilled about the release of Mercy by Image,” said Andolfo. “As with every story I write and draw, there's a lot of me inside this book, and I hope the American readers will enjoy that, as they did with Unnatural!”

Mercy #1 features a main cover by Andolfo and variant covers by Humberto Ramos, Artgerm, Enrico Marini, and Marco B. Bucci, along with a blank sketch cover. Look for it at your local comic shop on March 4th, 2020.

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