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On August 13th, 2021, ATB Publishing will release Abbie Bernstein's Master of Horror: The Official Biography of Mick Garris. I'm so happy to see this. Mick Garris deserves all the accolades and attention thrown his way because of all that he's done for the genre (and I will die on the hill that his version of The Shining is a far better adaptation of Stephen King's book than Stanley Kubrick's version). I mean, c'mon! Masters of HorrorThe StandSleepwalkers? The man has touched so many things in the genre, I will forget more than I remember. So, yeah, it's high time for this. 

Coming in at 436 pages, this sucker is packed with goodness. Check out what's in store!

What makes a true Master of Horror?

If you’re a horror fan, you may know Mick Garris as the creator of the television series, Masters of Horror, and the anthology film, Nightmare Cinema, as well as the director of multiple television adaptations of Stephen King novels like The Stand and The Shining. But although you may know his work, you may not know much about the man that so many in the industry call “the nicest guy in horror.”

From his days as front man for the band Horsefeathers, to his work with a certain diminutive droid at the Oscars, and collaborations with everyone from Steven Spielberg to Clive Barker, MASTER OF HORROR takes you through Mick Garris’ life and career, with full-color behind-the-scenes photos and firsthand accounts by Garris himself, as well as his loved ones, friends, and colleagues.Interviewees include: fellow filmmakers Clive Barker, Joe Dante, John Landis (who also wrote the foreword), Ryûhei Kitamura, William Malone, and Tom McLoughlin; writers R.C. Matheson and David J. Schow; actors Mädchen Amick, John Billingsley, Robert Carlyle, Matt Frewer, Annabeth Gish, Brian Krause, Henry Thomas, Steven Weber, and Lynn Whitfield; makeup effects artists Howard Berger and Bill Corso; composer Richard Band; Garris’ wife, Cynthia Garris; and more.

With invaluable insights into the nuts and bolts of TV and feature filmmaking, and revelations that might surprise even the most diehard fans, this book confirms what all the people listed above already know – Mick Garris is a true Master of Horror!

ABBIE BERNSTEIN has written a number of nonfiction “making-of” books, including The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road, The DNA of Orphan Black, and Midnight Mass: The Art of Horror. As a journalist, she writes for Fangoria, Assignment X, Buzzy Mag, and more. Bernstein also directed the documentary, The Making of Robin of Sherwood, makes narrative short films, and writes fiction.

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