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Midnight Massacre, the super fun digital-first series from Action Lab: Danger Zone is finally getting not just a collection, but a print one in September. Written by John Matsuya and Ben Matsuya and illustrated by Ben Matsuya, the comic is a horror comedy story set at an amusement park.

Halloween is on the horizon for the visitors of Calico Adventure Park,  and the park’s executives have been hard at work preparing for their annual extravaganza, the park’s “Midnight Massacre”. But this year’s main event is going to be more horrifying, more visceral, more realistic, and more unexpected than any of the park’s visitors could ever realize. We’re not talking about employees in suits, folks. We’re talking monsters—the real deal. And when all hell breaks loose, it’s up to Amy Nicholson, a jaded games booth employee and her friends to save the park, the town, and maybe even the world.

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“If you’re looking for a comedic romp about a girl who’s working the Halloween shift at the amusement park, wasting away her talents and her passions, that’s extremely specific of you... But also, exactly what Midnight Massacre is about!” Creators John and Ben Matsuya quip. “We’ve got the undead, punk rock, roller coasters, Halloween, thrills, romance, late stage capitalism, and maybe… just maybe a moral? It’s all the fun of waiting in line combined with a marauding horde of monsters!”  

Midnight Massacre is set for release on September 23rd, 2020 at your local comic shop and on October 6th, 2020 at bookstores and Amazon.

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