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Jade Warriors CoverArtist Mike Deodato wasn't always a big name artist on comics like The Avengers and Hulk.  He's made his way across the comic book industry, tackling everyone from Batman to Lady Death.  He even had a whole collection of titles originally released in Brazil called "Deodato Comics" which were later re-published by Caliber Press.  Along the way, he co-created and drew Jade Warriors for Image Comics.  Four complete issues were released but the final few never saw the light of day...until now.

Jade Warriors is making a return but not in the traditional sense.  The comic will be available as a twice-weekly serial on Keenspot.com courtesy of Glass House Grpahics and Red Giant Entertainment.  Fans will be able to check out not only the original issues, but also the unreleased final chapters.

The comic centers on Angel Sorayama, a member of a cult of female assassins fostered by the Yakuza.  Angel is given the power of a "Deathkiss" and tries to break free of this life of servitude.  Now she's on the run, the target of the very group she just escaped.  The Jade Warriors were once a proud calling, steeped in both myth and tradition.  They prepared for the return of ancient Dragons that were imprisoned deep within the mountains of Japan.  Some myths are based in truth and just like a certain popular HBO TV show, there be Dragons about.

There have been several comics going this route lately, especially in the creator-owned segment.  Most recently, the creators behind Skullkickers (also an Image Comics release) started distributing pages from the comic online for free.  Of course, there are still some quality webcomics to compete with in this space such as Love Stories About Death.  

"This was right at the point where I began changing from my "old" style to my current style, and it gave me a chance to experiment with new techniques and lay the foundation for the way I draw today." says Mike Deodato. "Since I'm under exclusive contract to Marvel, I can't do any new pages, but there's plenty of artwork that nobody's really seen yet, since the entire mini-series was never published.

Jade Warriors can be read online at Keenspot.com for free right now.  It is co-written by Michael Buckley and David Campiti and (obviously) illustrated by Mike Deodato.


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