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Mike Mignola CoverWe're only at the beginning of convention season, so announcements are popping up left and right.  The latest is that Mike Mignola, creator of such massive titles as Hellboy, B.P.R.D., and Baltimore, will be appearing at the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con this November.  This is kind of a big deal as it's rumored that this year was the last time Mignola will be attending the convention in San Diego.  

Mignola is a Harvey and Eisner award winning writer, artist, and creator so he's a triple threat when it comes to comics.  "I am happy to be doing the Long Beach Comic con again," said Mignola.  "It's a fun show.  I look forward to seeing the fans and catching up with fellow professionals."

"We are so excited to have Mike back at the show. It’s a treat for fans to be able to interact with a comics legend in such an intimate atmosphere,” says Phil Lawrence, Principal and Sales Director for Long Beach Comic & Horror Con. "Mike just adds something special to the Comics and Horror element that we’ve established for the show. We are proud that his appearance will be a major highlight for the fans."

The Long Beach Comic & Horror Con is scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd through Sunday, November 4th.  Now, who wants to help me get out there so I can meet Mike Mignola?






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