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If you’re bummed that Hannibal is over, Dave Dwonch and Santi Guillen have you covered. He’s launched a new webcomic called Mind Palace that puts all of Bryan Fuller’s characters under one roof…in his head. That means the folks from Hannibal are rubbing elbows with those from Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, and more.

“It’s clear that Bryan poured his heart into every single project he’s worked on, and his genius is obviously there on the screen. I can only imagine how much it must have hurt losing any of these shows.” Says Dwonch “You go through the grieving process and tuck the memories into your mind. That’s the real premise of Mind Palace.”

As a fan of Fuller’s, I’m all for this. I’m still waiting on that Pushing Daisies comic book that never came to fruition. Mind Palace follows Fuller who has sequestered his creations away in a bed & breakfast in his own mind called “The Fuller House.” This is a unique situation as Fuller has touched so many awesome, yet short-lived titles so there’s a lot to draw from. It makes me wonder if this will be a growing trend for other TV shows that have ended before their time.

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“Think of Mind Palace as Herman’s Head, but with 100% more murder,” Dwonch continues. “Some of these characters have been trapped in Bryan’s mind for years. It’s going to affect some of them in ways that are going to surprise readers. Things will get even more complicated as a certain someone comes to visit. We’ve got a lot of strange, scary things planned.”

Mind Palace launched at San Diego Comic Con last month with the first complete chapter. New pages are posted every Tuesday and Thursday. Dwonch and Guillen have planned Season One to run for an entire year and hope to continue this into Season Two in mid 2019. You can read everything so far at the official site and help keep it going by contributing to their Patreon.

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