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Monster World debuted with a smash last month with its excellent blend of detective noir and good old fashioned monsters.  The second issue from the creative team of Philip Kim, Steve Niles, Piotr Kowalski, and Dennis Calero is set to debut on Wednesday, January 20th.  The publisher, American Gothic Press has released a trailer and a six page preview which you can check out below.

The book follows private detective Barrymore as he's on an assignment to track down a missing person.  This started out as a routine investigation, but now he's dancing with demons and about to learn the truth about World Studios, the woman who calls herself Shirley, and what really happened to studio exce William Forester, Jr.  When he sticks his nose where it isn't wanted, Barrymore and his reporter friend, Buck find themselves at the mercy of a mysterious cult that seem to have control over actual monsters.

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Monster World plays with the idea that movie magic is real.  What if the special effects seen in these classic movies were actual vampires and werewolves?  It's a great premise that I've really dug so far.  I'm greatly looking forward to the second issue, especially with that awesome cover.

You can pick up Monster World #2 on Wednesday, January 20th from your local comic shop or digitally via ComiXology.

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