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Looking like Predator meets The Terminator by way of Chappie, cinematographer and VFX guru Mark Toia has released the first trailer for his self-funded feature, Monsters of Man. A literal man of many talents, Toia first got his creative juices flowing as an advertising photographer before clients encouraged him to direct TV commercials. Fast forward 20 years and Toia has honed his craft in all aspects of filmmaking, putting him in demand from Hollywood producers looking for directors for their scripts.


In a terrifying vision of AI gone wrong, sci-fi thriller Monsters of Man reveals the consequences of unchecked power and robots who have advanced beyond human control. When a corrupt CIA agent (McDonough) teams up with a robotics company to deploy an illegal, unsanctioned military operation, the plan is to drop four prototype robots into a suspected drug manufacturing camp in the Golden Triangle that no one will miss. The mission is to prove the robotics company is worthy of winning a lucrative military contract but all goes horribly awry when six American volunteer doctors witness the brutal slaughter of an innocent village and are forced into a deadly game of cat and mouse as they become the next targets.

The film’s Indiegogo campaign, launched in tandem with the trailer, will offer contributors access to the film upon release as well as exclusive bonus material and a masterclass on indie filmmaking and distribution. Find out more about the Indiegogo campaign here: www.monstersofman.movie and check out the video below to learn more:

Monsters of Man will release worldwide on 8th December 2020


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