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Writers Brittany Matter and Heather Ayres are joined by ten different artists for Kith + Kin, a horror anthology unearthing the secrets buried beneath a family tree and the devilish behaviors knotted at the root. It's described as a mix of the monstrous family drama of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and the dark shades of sadness and heartwarming messages of Tim Burton's Big Fish and it's currently on Kickstarter.

“Our comics have autobiographical underpinnings, having started out inspired by mere moments in our lives that evolved as we added otherworldly elements. Like Frankenstein’s Monster and Big Fish’s fish, the stories grew beyond our imagination,” said Matter.

“Our exploration of family, in all its shapes, definitely comes from a place of love and trying to gain further understanding of why people are the way they are–no judgment, no condemnation,” said Ayres.

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Kith + Kin features everything from vengeful grandmothers leaving the grave and ancient demons continuing their lineage by any means necessary to monsters in the machine tearing their cousins apart. Each short story looks at the fallout that hits through generations when individuals give into their darker desires.

Kith + Kin is designed and lettered by AndWorld Design. It features cover art from Tom Napolitano. Interior artwork includes work from Sally Cantirino, Greville Jacques, Kelly Latham, Olivia Stephens, Megan Stevenson, Gwynn Tavares, Erik Whalen, Caroline Nolasco, Elena Gogou, and Krystian Rutledge.

The Kickstarter campaign features digital and print copies of the anthology itself, an enamel pin, scripts, concept art, and pitch and script reviews. It runs through May 3rd, 2020.

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