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Monstrum II: Multiplayer Horror Sequel Announced

Studios: Team Junkfish

Platforms: PC

Release date: Late 2020

Monstrum is a 2015 rogue-lite horror game that had you stranded at sea, searching the halls of a massive procedurally-generated ship to find supplies to escape. All the while, a randomly-selected creature of nightmares was searching for you. It was a single-player, tense experience that could be played over and over… Now, an asymmetric multiplayer sequel is in development for PC in late 2020.

Dundee-based studio, Junkfish – whom I’ve been keeping my eye on since Monstrum – saw success when their game became popular amongst streamers, Let’s Play-ers, and horror gamers worldwide.

“We were thrilled fans from all over enjoyed the first game, and we're extremely excited to delve further into Monstrum to give them more of what they enjoy,” said Adam Dart, Creative Director of Junkfish. “While the first title was a single player experience, Monstrum II will focus on a horror experience you can enjoy with others.”

Whereas the first title was a terrifying 1-on-1 game of cat and mouse, player vs computer, Monstrum II will be 4 vs 1; four players, one player-controlled monster. As you’ll see from my love of Friday the 13th: The Game and Dead by Daylight, I’m a big fan of asymmetrical horror games, so I’m excited that Junkfish are spawning their own.

In Monstrum II, players are once again trapped in the ocean, this time exploring the damp and darkness of a decaying 1970’s sea fortress. It sounds like the studio are working to increase tactical thinking in the sequel, too, whether you’re trying to escape as a survivor or trying to murder as one of the hideous failed experiments Monstrum is known for.

Scavenged items can be used to reveal hidden routes; weapons can be used to smash destructible objects; and areas can be climbed – a handy tactic for lying in wait as a deadly monster. Plus, will you stick to strength in numbers or opt for the speed and stealth of a lone wolf? It’s up to you, although you won’t find me wandering off from the group… I was alone for all of Monstrum. It didn’t go well.

Prepare for choppy waters in late 2020, when Monstrum II is planned for release on PC. As one of the many souls lost aboard the cursed halls of the first game, I’m excited at the thought of heading back into Junkfish’s nightmare with some company. At the very least, my precious teammates will be good bait, giving me precious seconds to hide myself in a locker or sprint for sweet freedom. Who wants to join my team?

For everything else you need to know about Monstrum II in the meantime, head to their website and Discord, or follow the studio for updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit.

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