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Indie publisher Scout Comics has announced Cult of Ikarus, a new series debuting next year from writer Jenna Lyn Wright, artist Karl Slominski, and letterer Taylor Esposito. It centers on a rebellious teenage foster kid as she goes searching for her roots. Along the way, she finds she's something more than human and maybe a harbinger of the apocalypse.

Tossed out by her foster family after one-too-many rides home in the back of a cop car, Hunter packs up her meager belongings and sets out on a mission: stop drifting and find out who she is.

That journey turns out to be more like a trip down the rabbit hole, as she’s introduced to a covert world of magic and danger running parallel to our own, complete with undead rock stars, a pair of sorcerer brothers with questionable morals, and a prophecy that puts her at the top of an ancient vampire coven’s hit list.

Hunter came looking for answers. What will become of her once she gets them?

Cult of Ikarus is my love letter to spooky kids who wish the monsters they read about were real.” says writer Jenna Lyn Wright. “Scout is the perfect place to tell a badass genre story with some teeth, and I couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with them on this!”

“Scout is putting out some of the industry’s most dynamic and engaging stories from creators that are actively levelling-up the quality of sequential art in the modern comics landscape.” added artist Karl Slominski. “It’s an absolute THRILL to have Ikarus joining their roster.”

Cult of Ikarus is set for release in 2021.

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