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Any comic fan's ears are going to perk up when Grant Morrison's name is thrown around. Needless to say, when I heard they were involved with Proctor Valley Road, a new horror series set to begin in March 2021 from BOOM! Studios, I was in. Alex Child, Naomi Franquiz, and Tamra Bonvillain join Morrison for this comic about the mysterious monsters that haunt this area and the four misfit teenagers who must stop them.

Proctor Valley Road is developed in partnership with NBCUniversal. UCP, a division of Universal Studio Group, will adapt the series for television, shopping it around to networks and streaming platforms.

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August, Rylee, Cora & Jennie have organized a “Spook Tour” with their classmates on the most haunted, demon-infested stretch of road in America to fund attending the concert of their dreams. But when their visit turns deadly, these four friends race to rescue the missing students...before the town tears them limb from limb. Now they must slay the evils roaming Proctor Valley Road...along with the monsters lurking in the hearts of 1970s America.

“I fell in love with these characters when I read Alex's original series proposal and I've had an amazing time working with him and with Naomi to bring them to life for a spooky rollercoaster ride that feels like Nancy Drew on 'shrooms!” said Grant Morrison. “Get your kicks...on Proctor Valley Road!”

“I'm thrilled to be teaming up with the mighty Grant Morrison and the insanely talented Naomi Franquiz on my debut comic book, Proctor Valley Road!” said Alex Child. “With the hangover of the 1960s in the rearview, the Vietnam War dragging on, and the Space Race hotting up, we're in small town supernatural America to tell the story of four best friends, three missing jocks, and a real life stretch of road steeped in legends that will ice your spine and leave the blood thumping in your ears. The girls' reputations, friendship, and lives are all on the line in this white-knuckle adventure series as they try to unravel the mysteries and survive the nightmarish terrors of Proctor Valley Road, a place that makes Hell look like Honolulu!”

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Proctor Valley Road is a big slice of Americana laced with uneasy cryptid horror, a side of rebel youth, and a killer soundtrack,” said Naomi Franquiz.

“Grant, Alex, and Naomi have created a kind of horror in Proctor Valley Road that is both beyond imagination and terrifyingly real,” said Eric Harburn, Senior Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Coming of age during the death of ‘peace & love,’ our heroines must not only conquer the evils spawned from this cursed desert highway, but the demons we all see when we look in the mirror and stare up at the ceiling at night.”

Proctor Valley Road #1 features a main cover by Franquiz and variant covers by Chris Wildgoose, Christian Ward, and Peach Momoko. It's set for release on March 3rd, 2021.

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