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Nancy In Hell On Earth CoverThat old saying about patience being a virtue occasionally comes into play in the world of comics.  Sometimes when you get a really great book, it just takes awhile for everything to come together or the story changes and evolves over the course of the series and it ends up being a lot more work for everyone involved.  It's difficult though because you have to keep the interest of the reader on a regular basis as they have a ton of different funny books to choose from.  More often than not, the creators make it worth the wait.  That's what I'm hoping for with issue three of Nancy in Hell (on Earth) from Image Comics.  

The second issue came out way back on March 14th and next week (June 20th) will see the release of the now long-awaited third issue.  The writer, El Torres has released an apology and an explanation for the tardiness which is something that's rarely seen in comics.  Check it out below along with some preview images from next week's issue.

Yes, we were so late finishing this third issue of Nancy in Hell (on Earth). But it wasn't because we were spending the time on our yacht drinking margaritas. We are working full-time in this series, and this time there are several pages with no text that needed extra artwork on it.

I know. I'm killing Enrique Lorenzana. Every time I came up with a new, horrid idea "Hey, what if we set San Diego in fire and hordes of angels with torches. And I mean hordes!". And Enrique pulls out his last reserves of energy, and staggers forward the table. Comics have no budget lines and we can illustrate everything, we have effort lines.

I know I'm killing Fran Gamboa, Sergio and Carmelo, our colorist and color separators. "Hey, let's make this scene darker but with a brighter side here. Like an Apocalypse Now scene, you know", I say. And they sigh and work on the tiny details of every page.



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If you open the book, you'll see the excruciating detail in every panel, "more guts, blood and sliced flesh!" than in any other book. So in issue #3 you have the Celestial Hosts fighting against twelve cons of the Death Row leaded by Lucifer. Nancy and Pytho as allies. Tits. Guts. Chainsaws. Swords. Demons. Funny lines.

Because Nancy in Hell is a fun series. Fun for us, the ones involved in its creation, and we hope also fun for you, readers and supporters. A grindhouse movie translated to comics, but doing the things that comics can do better than any other media.

So I humbly apologize to our faithful readers for the long wait. Now you have Nancy on the shelves, so tell us if it was worth the effort.

I don't know about you, but all is forgiven from me.  I'm looking forward to issue three.  Are you?






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