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William P. Simmons of Shadow House Publishing digs deep in his anthologies, and his latest, Forests Damned and Furrows Cursed: A Haunted Heritage of Folk Horror Novellas, looks to have the same depth as Shadow House's previous releases. Look for it in late April/early May 2022.

Folklore is the dreaming moment between fact and fiction. Exploring cultural nightmares, supernatural visitants, and humanity’s uneasy relationship with nature, folk horror delights in our demons. Horrors of the ancient past cast shadows on the unsuspecting present, reconnect us with primal forces, and confront us with our inhuman condition. Pan summons us…and we rush to heed his call.

The transformative genre of folk horror has experienced a renaissance in the 21st century, evoking sacraments of sin and salvation for an emotionally isolated age. FORESTS DAMNED AND FURROWS CURSED: A HAUNTED HERITAGE OF FOLK HORROR NOVELLAS, unleashes a mummer’s dance of pagan rituals, occult secrets, and devastating deities.

Genre legends and unjustly neglected authors reveal the secret geography of nightmare in five novellas that represent major motifs of the folk horror genre: terrifying pagan traditions practiced in unholy locales; malevolent creatures from legend stalking isolated communities; dangerous truths hidden in folk stories; the terrible sentience of nature; the potency of superstition against logic. These storytellers are modern Shamans who spin nightmares by firelight, guiding us between the worlds and seducing us with what we most fear and desire.

The “Genius Loci” of an ancient Welsh countryside spreads its malign influence in John Buchan’s THE WATCHER AT THE THRESHOLD, the granddaddy of possession literature. Faerie Tales become terrifyingly real for a professor who investigates the “Little People” in Arthur Machen’s THE NOVEL OF THE BLACK SEAL. A goddess reborn in a child evokes desire and death in Vernon Lee’s DIONEA. A man’s love for nature is horribly reciprocated by a forest in Algernon Blackwood’s THE MAN WHOM THE TREES LOVED. And the great god Pan spreads horror and ecstasy in Edgar Jepson’s little-known supernatural masterpiece THE GARDEN AT 19.

The second volume of The Shadow House Library of Weird Fiction, FORESTS DAMNED AND FURROWS CURSED is a sacred marriage of folklore and fiction. Genre historian and bestselling author/editor William P. Simmons initiates you into the secrets of our horror heritage, tracing the origins and evolution of folk horror with a compelling brew of fiction, introduction, story notes, and discussion prompts. Available in Kindle and trade paperback at Amazon.

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