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There's a lot to dig about Judge Dredd.  As a horror fan, one of them has to be the Dark Judges.  They look so friggin' awesome.  A new tale featuring Judge Death, Judge Mortis, Judge Fire, and Judge Fear premiered in this week's 2000 AD Prog 1946 and it's literally a dream come true.  Artist Dave Kendall had a dream – or perhaps a nightmare – of the fearsome foursome, originally created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland.  

The four part storyline, Dreams of Deadworld, is illustrated by Kendall and written by Kek-W.  Each chapter will focus on a different Dark Judge, featuring the early days of the characters.  The Dark Judges on their homeworld of Deadworld, have declared that because all crime is committed by the living, then all life should be a crime.  The story showcases what happens after they have slaughtered the planet's entire population, but before they discovered how to jump dimensions and visit Judge Dredd's Mega-City One.  

“So, a nightmare come true. An unheard of thank you, for the early morning wake up by my children, which allowed these versions of the Dark Judges to be dragged kicking and screaming into the light. Also, much gratitude to friends and colleagues on social media. Their support gave me the confidence to approach Tharg with these beasties.”says Kendall.

“If David Cronenberg reimagined Brian Bolland’s original Dark Judges, they wouldn’t look too dissimilar to Dave Kendall’s, rooted as they are in a sense of decay and grotesque body transformation.” says Matt Smith. “The horror of Dreams of Deadworld is a visceral kind, in which an entire planet has been turned into a charnel pit, and these creatures rule it as their kingdom. Never mind getting inky fingers – when readers turn the pages on DoD, it oozessss...”

2000 AD Prog 1946 is now available in comic book stores in the UK, Ireland, and North America.  Digital copies can be purchased from the 2000 AD online shop.


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