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If you haven't yet tried out a Hunt A Killer experience, you are missing out. From a murder in a donut shop to a murder on a boat to a Blair Witch mystery and more, Hunt A Killer will have an experience for most of the nice people on your list.

Recently, they've announced some more media you can take part in, from new games to online mysteries to short films, TikTok shorts and more! Check out what's in store!

When the cold winter winds blow, the snow piles up, and the fire is crackling, then you know mystery is afoot. Hunt A Killer, the immersive entertainment company, has just announced multiple new mysteries including its new subscription box season titled Renfaire Regicide, releasing in December. With this release, the last subscription box season, Murder On Ice, will convert to a complete episodic box set. Additionally, new free content including an original short film, a series of shorts on unexplained mysteries, and more is launching on the company’s website - bringing a whole new way for people to engage and join in on the experiences that Hunt A Killer offers.

“For us, it’s all about great storytelling and we’ve created new ways for mystery lovers to enjoy the thrill of becoming a detective and solving a crime,” said Kyle Prestenback, VP of Product at Hunt A Killer. “Our team is continuing to put out unique and thrilling stories, including our new subscription box season, free original short film, mystery series, and more. This winter detectives can cozy up indoors with our new releases and have fun solving cases by themselves, with friends, and with family.”

The new experiences coming from Hunt A Killer include:

  • Renfaire Regicide: The new subscription box season begins shipping December 13 and invites players to take on the role of detective to solve the murder of Hank Maartens, the king of a local renaissance festival found dead in the ironsmith’s forge. Players use the realistic clues provided to help a young squire solve the real mystery of Hank’s murder which ultimately, saves the Faire itself. To view Hunt A Killer’s membership plans please visit https://www.huntakiller.com/subscribe.
  • SOTO, an original short film: SOTO is written, directed, and produced by Dayna Noffke and focuses on Agoraphobia and the fear of the outside. Discover what happens when a woman, riddled with this challenging fear, receives a strange package from The Original Mystery Jigsaw Company. As she puts the pieces together, viewers embark on her journey. The film is presented and distributed for free exclusively on Hunt A Killer’s website at https://www.huntakiller.com/soto/.
  • Daily Unexplained Mysteries: A series of shorts on TikTok and YouTube, released by Hunt A Killer, provides viewers with strange and interesting facts from a true-life mystery or crime for detectives to ponder. The new content is available for free to anyone, and offers a taste of the creativity and realism found inside Hunt A Killer’s murder mystery game experiences.
  • What Happened: Eight fictional web-based experiences, crafted by Hunt A Killer, jump start detectives into the action of several games. Throughout the winter, several cities in the United States will see in-real-life deployments across bars, coffee shops, and other venues that lead potential detectives to discover the sites and join the hunt.
  • Month Of Mystery: 30 days, 30 deals, and 30 moments of mystery. Hunt A Killer will reveal a brand new free mystery short story, “The Larksburg Librarian.” Released exclusively online in daily increments for detectives to enjoy, the short story written by Hunt A Killer’s Director of Development, Adam Mueller, implores detectives to discover “who killed the mayor of Larksburg, Pennsylvania?” The 30 day event also ties in daily promotions, new product announcements, limited edition merchandise, and killer discounts resulting in perfect holiday gifts under $100, $40, and more exclusively to Hunt A Killer’s “Month of Mystery”participants. Month of Mystery runs from November 25 through December 25. Sign up at https://www.huntakiller.com/monthofmystery/.

For more information on Hunt A Killer please visit www.huntakiller.com.

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