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Nocterra (formerly known as Nocternal) has been a hit on Kickstarter, more than tripling its funding goal within the first few days. Written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Tony S. Daniel, the campaign is intended to fund a special edition of the first issue of this new series, debuting early next year from Image Comics, set in a world where the sun's light no longer reaches the earth. New reward tiers have been added with limited edition prints from artists BossLogic, Jock, and Francis Manapul. Check out the new tiers below:

  • $40: Unsigned Softcover +1 Print *
  • $55: Unsigned Softcover +2 Prints *
  • $70: Unsigned Softcover + All 3 Prints *
  • $60: Signed Hardcover +1 Print *
  • $75: Signed Hardcover +2 Prints *
  • $90: Signed Hardcover + All 3 Prints *
  • $85: Unsigned Softcover + Signed Hardcover +1 Print *
  • $100: Unsigned Softcover + Signed Hardcover +2 Prints *
  • $115: Unsigned Softcover + Signed Hardcover + All 3 Prints *
  • $105: 2 Signed Hardcovers +1 Print *
  • $120: 2 Signed Hardcovers +2 Prints *
  • $135: 2 Signed Hardcovers + All 3 Prints *


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For the tiers with only one or two prints, backers can select which ones they want.

“We’re pretty astounded by the fan reaction to the first two weeks of the campaign and wanted to add something for the fans,” said Scott Snyder. “I've been teasing a top secret collaboration with Francis Manapul for a while and that will be released through Best Jackett. And there’s a new Best Jackett book with Jock in addition to more Wytches stories coming up, so this is a fun way to bring two Best Jackett collaborators, and friends, into the Kickstarter campaign.”

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