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American Gothic Press is quickly becoming a go-to for quality horror comics.  The publisher already has some great books under its belt like Broken Moon and Project Nemesis from some big name creators in the industry.  Fortunately, the line is expanding with even more.  Steve Niles, the writer of Broken Moon will be co-writing Monster World with AGP Publisher Philip Kim.  The book follows Harry Barrymore as he investigates a major film studio and what might be hiding behind the monster makeup.  Kim came up with the concept behind Monster World with a simple question: What if a horror movie makeup guru got his special effects from real monsters?

Piotr Kowalski will be joining Niles and Kim on the book, providing interior artwork.  “In my career I have drawn many monsters, vampires, and creepy creatures, but Monster World gave me the opportunity to gather all of them up in one tale,” he says. “Also, the script is very noir, which promised a joyful adventure, as drawing shady rooms, dark corners, and scary shadows is always a pleasure.”

Kowalski will be providing covers for Monster World as well.  Fans can look out for special retailer incentive covers featuring interlocking images from an occult painting by artist Nigel Sade.

No specific release date has been given for Monster World, but suffice it to say, it's not soon enough.  This sounds like a pretty cool book.  Honestly, anything coming out of American Gothic Press is a comic to watch.

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