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Van Jensen, the writer of DC titles like Green Lantern Corps and The Flash is returning to creator-owned stories in 2016 with Dark Horse Comics.  He's got two new titles coming from the publisher next year.  First up is Cryptocracy, a conspiracy-laden book with artist Pete Woods (whom Jensen previously collaborated on with Action Comics).  The series follows a secret society that's behind every major conspiracy in history.  The grassy knoll?  The Philadelphia Experiment?  Roswell? The Moon Landing?  It's all them...and now they're being hunted.  Cryptocracy is set to debut in May 2016.

Then, in September 2016, Jensen returns to his roots a crime reporter with Two Dead.  Illustrated by Nate Powell, the book centers on a murder-suicide from New Year's Day, 1947 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Police Chief O.N. Martin shot his lieutenant Jack Deubler and then killed himself.  Crime, conspiracy, violence, racism, and madness led to this tragic true-crime case and all those steps are retraced in this comic.  If you liked Green River Killer (which I loved), you'll dig Two Dead.


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