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Hot off the New York Comic Con floor, IDW Publishing has announced Darkness Visible, a new supernatural series co-written by Mike Carey and Arvind Ethan David with art from Brendan Cahill and Livio Ramondelli.  It's set in a world where demons and humans have lived side-by-side for decades and sounds pretty cool.  Here's the write-up from the publisher:

Darkness Visible introduces readers to a world where in the mid 20th Century, Demons came out of the shadows. 75 years of uneasy co-existence has spawned an endless terrorist conflict. Detective Daniel Aston, charged with being the thin blue line between the two sides, is tested to the limit when a demon sets up house inside his soul. But to save his daughter, he’ll pay any price—including genocide.
“Mike and I have been talking about Detective Daniel Aston and his well paved Road To Hell since literally the day we met,” said co-writer, Arvind Ethan David. “It was time to tell the story to the world, and we’re delighted to do so with our friends at IDW.”
"It's horror story as political parable," Mike Carey adds. "We live in an age where fear of the other has become a toxic part of the status quo. Suppose that other is an immortal monster who can evict your soul from your body and drive you like a stolen car?"

Darkness Visible sounds a bit like True Blood, but with demons instead of vampires.  This is obviously a different angle and one where the two species have been co-existing in public for some time.  The first issue is set to debut in February 2017.

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