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Tonight, Friday, October 30th, at 10:00p EST, PBS will premiere Exhumed: A History of Zombies on PBS, PBS.org, and the PBS Video App. The show is based on the PBS Digital Studios series Monstrum, which coincidently has three new zombie-related episodes you can stream right now!

Below are links to the recently released zombie-themed MONSTRUM digital series episodes and the one-hour broadcast special:

MONSTRUM: The Origins of the Zombie, from Haiti to the U.S.
Digital Episode: https://www.pbs.org/video/the-origins-of-the-zombie-from-haiti-to-the-us-kywe4q/

Description: In the first episode of our three-part special series, we explore the complex history of the zombie—from its origins in the spiritual beliefs of the African diaspora to the development of Vodou in Haiti. Learn how one of the most enduring monsters in popular culture evolved in the midst of slavery, racism and prejudice.

MONSTRUM: Why George Romero Changed Zombies Forever
Digital Episode: https://www.pbs.org/video/why-george-romero-changed-zombies-forever-cuymr0/

Description: One of the most influential movies in the zombie canon is George A. Romero’s 1968 Night of the Living Dead. We’re examining the impact of the iconic “Romero zombie,” how it took shape in the racially charged civil rights era and why it altered zombie history forever.

MONSTRUM: Why Modern-Day Zombies Are So Terrifying
Digital Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqPvWdX4ICE

Description: Most zombies today are fast, strong, travel in hordes and continue to terrify us in new ways. In this final episode of our zombie trilogy, we look into how racism along with current fears of pandemics and bioterrorism in our society significantly change the characteristics of the modern zombie in video games, Hollywood—and beyond.

Premieres: Friday, October 30 at 10:00 p.m. ET on PBS
Full Episode Available to Stream on PBS.org and PBS Video App After Broadcast Premiere

Description: There are few monsters more recognizable or popular than the zombie. The reanimated corpse has been a staple of folklore, film, literature and popular culture for nearly 200 years. In this new one-hour special, Dr. Emily Zarka, who studies literature and film through the lens of monsters and is the host/writer of PBS’s popular MONSTRUM digital series, will deconstruct some of the most significant moments in zombie popular culture over the last two centuries to reveal what these creatures say about us.

EXHUMED: A HISTORY OF ZOMBIES will be available to stream starting Friday, October 30 on all station-branded PBS platforms, including PBS.org and the PBS Video App, available for streaming on PBS Documentary Channel via Amazon, and available for purchase via Amazon, Apple and Comcast.

For more information on EXHUMED: A HISTORY OF ZOMBIES, the MONSTRUM digital series and PBS Storied, visit PBS.org and the Storied YouTube Channel. Viewers are also encouraged to engage in online conversation by tagging @PBS and using #MonstrumPBS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Emily Zarka, Ph.D., Host of MONSTRUM

Dr. Emily Zarka earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Literature from Arizona State University, with an emphasis on the Gothic and the British Romantic period. She approaches literature and film through monsters, applying the theory that human history is monster history. She is the writer and host of PBS Digital Studios series MONSTRUM, which looks at complex histories and motivations behind some of the world's most famous monsters. Her teaching experience includes literature, composition, film and media, and humanities classes. Currently, she is part of the faculties of both Arizona State University and Mesa Community College. Fans are invited to engage in online conversation about Zarka’s PBS series MONSTRUM by tagging @ZarkaEmily and using #MonstrumPBS on Twitter and Instagram.

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