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Ever wondered how much money iconic horror characters could make if they could sell their influence on social media? Nope, me neither, but the folks over at well known horror establishment... um.... Currys PC World have put together this very scenario on what would happen if the most notorious horror characters became unforgettable influencers.

The study, analysing online search volumes, revealed the most influential on-screen characters of all time, and how this can result in a profitable influencer career.

The most terrifying horror characters

If search volume equated to Instagram followers, Pennywise could charge $15k (£10.9k) for a sponsored post. The clown from IT has the most Instagram posts hashtagged with his name of all horror characters (2 million) .

Chucky follows closely with a global search of 1.4 million, meaning that he could earn $14k per post.

Jigsaw has a search volume of 964k, with a potential to earn $9K per post. [Editor's note: I'm assuming this is puppet Billy, the iconic image from Saw, rather than John Kramer]

Hannibal Lecter has the highest average IMDb rating (rated 7.2). 

The full list of horror heavy hitters is below and the full research, which also includes super-hero, gaming, christmas and sit-com characters can be found here.

social media horror heavyweights

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