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Small towns have their secrets, but Eden, Wyoming is a bit different than most.  It's full of fugitive criminals.  The place serves as a haven for them as they wait for their last chance at redemption.  Crime is not tolerated by its ruling family so you can imagine the trouble that arises when a strange girl is murdered.  The FBI sees the youngest son of the aforementioned family as a possible weak link to exploit which we'll see beginning in November when Postal returns with Postal: FBI Dossier from Top Cow Productions.

The series, written by Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill and illustrated by Isaac Goodheart, will reveal why the FBI doesn't just raid Eden.  Mayor Shiffron keeps those wolves at bay, but by what methods?  I'm a little behind on Postal, but the first few issues really pulled me in.  I'm looking forward to the creators expanding the world.  

"We get a lot of questions from readers about the origins of Eden and how it works and this one shot dossier style book is intended to help fill in some of those gaps," said Hawkins.

Hill added: "Until now we've seen the world of Eden from the inside, looking from its center to the outside world. In this one shot we see what the outside world, the few who are aware, think of Eden and gain an understanding of what keeps Eden safe from interference."

Postal: FBI Dossier #1 will debut on November 11th, 2015.  It will feature a cover by Linda Sejic and another by series artist Isaac Goodhart. 

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