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So, the other day I'm scrolling through Twitter and an image of a werewolf captures my eye. I see the name “President Werewolf” and I have to learn more. This is a new mini-series debuting on ComiXology about...well...a president werewolf. It's a political horror comic from writer Tim Vargulish and artists Joey Lee Cabral and Shaun Pinello.

On the night before the big presidential election, candidate Robert Ulysses Wilkinson was attacked by a large wolf-like creature. Now he’s sworn in as President of the United States and has to deal with all the political drama that comes with the position as well as monstrous transformations under the full moon.

“I wanted to create something that is a bizarre mix of different worlds, politics and full-on monster horror, which actually go together pretty well." says Vargulish. "I was fascinated by the idea of watching a serious political story that could change into an over-the-top blood-soaked horror movie at the drop of a hat. Essentially I wanted to make a book that felt like you were watching an episode of The West Wing except that the President turns into a werewolf and kills everyone at the end.” 

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“Joey and Shaun are dream artists to work with. They bring so much character and heart to this wild book." continued Vargulish. "I was constantly amazed at how they brought the book to life between their dynamic paneling, beautiful coloring and character designs. They have such a great style it makes the book a blast to look at whether it’s just politicians sitting around a table or a werewolf ripping off someone’s face.”

You can pick up a digital copy of President Werewolf #1 through ComiXology or a physical edition directly from Vargulish. Issue #2 should be due out soon.

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