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Raw Dog Screaming Press has announced it will be publishing New York Times best-selling author Daniel Kraus’ novel, The Ghost That Ate Us: The Tragic True Story of the Burger City Poltergeist, in 2022.

I’m a big fan of Raw Dog Screaming Press because of the variety of interesting and eclectic books it publishers. Without them, I probably wouldn’t have been introduced to bizarro via D. Harlan Wilson, or the awesomeness of S. Craig Zahler’s brutal westerns, among others. The company just puts out great work.

A pre-order link isn’t available yet, but you can follow this RDSP blog on the website, social media accounts, or newsletter to keep updated. Sign-up for the newsletter can also be found on the website.

You remember this news story, don’t you? Maybe you had read it on Twitter, or a friend sent you a news clip. Maybe you watched an episode on it after flipping through your television one night you couldn’t sleep. True crime fanatics and paranormal investigating enthusiasts certainly will know because they probably haven’t had much sleep since learning about it.

Which story you ask? You’ve read and watched so much true crime these days.

On June 1, 2017, six people were killed at a Burger City franchise off I-80 near Jonny, Iowa. It was the bizarre end of nine months of alleged paranormal activity at the fast-food joint— events popularly known as “the Burger City Poltergeist.” The story inspired Facebook memes, Twitter hashtags, Buzzfeed listicles, and more. Prior to the tragedy, the events were featured on the Travel Channel’s Spectral Journeys and lampooned on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. After the tragedy, Starz produced the documentary Blood at Burger City.

Ah…, you shudder… that one! Well, there’s more.

Now, award-winning Raw Dog Screaming Press is pleased to announce that 2022 will see it bring the story to readers in The Ghost That Ate Us: The Tragic True Story of the Burger City Poltergeist by New York Times best-selling author Daniel Kraus.

Kraus dug through the messy controversies and pulled together strands of evidence to create the “definitive story” of “the most exhaustively documented haunting in history.” It will include footnotes, quotes from news reports, analyses of security-camera footage, and crime-scene photos… and, “for the first time ever,” interviews with living survivors of the tragedy, some who may lead him down a dangerous path.

The Ghost That Ate Us is unlike any book before it, even though it will fit well on any true crime lover’s shelf. It is accessible, clever, fun, heartbreaking, and scary, too! RDSP is thrilled to add it to its hub of published works, feeling it will fit right in among its many iconic and original offerings in a plethora of genres.

“I was inspired by my experience with Hard Case Crime to work with both big and smaller publishers going forward. This is important to me,” Kraus said.

When Can I Read it?

The Ghost That Ate Us: The Tragic True Story of the Burger City Poltergeist is scheduled to release in 2022.

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Daniel Kraus, Biography -

Daniel Kraus is a New York Times bestselling author. Most recently, he released The Living Dead—a posthumous collaboration with legendary filmmaker George A. Romero, which the New York Times called “panoramic and sweeping” and the Washington Post called “the definitive account of the zombie apocalypse.”

With Guillermo del Toro, he co-authored The Shape of Water, based on the same idea Kraus and del Toro cocreated for the Oscar-winning film. Also with del Toro, Kraus co-authored Trollhunters, which was adapted into the Emmy-winning Netflix series. Kraus’s The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch was named one of Entertainment Weekly's Top 10 Books of the Year.

He has won two Odyssey Awards (for both Rotters and Scowler) and has been a multiple Library Guild selection, YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults choice, Bram Stoker Award finalist, Scribe Award winner, and more. Out now is They Threw Us Away (Holt, 2020) and The Autumnal (Vault Comics, 2020). Kraus’s work has been translated into over twenty languages.

Visit www.danielkraus.com for more.

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