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The Conqueror Worm CoverDark Horse Comics knows a thing or two about horror funny books.  From Hellboy and Buffy to The Strain and Baltimore, they have an idea of what makes for scary comics.  They have recently announced an addition to their horror line with an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Conqueror Worm by Richard Corben.  

The classic poem tells the story of a cuckolded man, hunting his wife and her lover for revenge.  Instead he stumbles upon a bizarre puppet show based on his own life.  Corben won't be stopping with Conqueror Worm though.  He'll also be penning additional Poe stories that will appear in the Eisner Award winning anthology, Dark Horse Presents.

Richard Corben has a great art style that will lend itself perfectly to Poe's work.  He just wrapped up Ragemoor which was a terrifying story that was only amplified by his pencils.  His work has a look to it that is almost unsettling.  It's a perfect fit for horror comics.  

The first issue of Edgar Allan Poe's The Coqueror Worm hits shelves on November 21st, 2012.  What do you think of this adaptation?  What other Poe stories would you like to see Richard Corben take on?



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