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It's no secret that I've loved The Black Hood.  It's a gritty crime noir comic that's been consistently good with every issue.  A big part of that has been Michael Gaydos' artwork.  Unfortunately, Dark Circle Comics has announced that he's leaving the book, but it will be in good hands.  Robert Hack will be illustrating issue #8 and Greg Scott picks up regular art duties with issue #9.  Duane Swierczynski is still writing the series as it continues the second story arc “The Lonely Crusade.”  

Robert Hack is the artist on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, so he brings a solid grim style to the book go go with the cruel and dangerous streets of Philadelphia.  I'm not sure what this means for Sabrina, which is already delayed a bit.  You can check out some of his work below.

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"We were honored and extremely lucky to have a talent like Michael Gaydos on art for six of the first seven issues The Black Hood,” says Dark Circle Comics Editor Alex Segura. "Robert, paired with our great series colorist, Kelly Fitzpatrick, keeps the book’s gritty, rough vibe but adds a layer of discomfort and uncertainty, which perfectly matches Duane’s brooding script."

"Duane is doing some brilliant work and this script is a blast to draw," said Hack. "Drawing two monthly comics at the same time — as daunting as that sounds, when the comics are this good, they are worth the inevitable ulcers."

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"Greg maintains the dark, moody tone of the first seven issues while injecting his own detailed, noir style. I think fans will be very pleased with his work and we’re excited to get a nice, long run of work out of him and Duane,” Segura added.

The first seven issues of The Black Hood are out now.  Issue #8 is due out in January. You've got to love that variant cover by Hack.

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