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Rot & Ruin Comes to Comics


IDW Publishing is clearly happy with author Jonathan Maberry as they've recently announced another adaptation of his work.  Rot & Ruin will begin in September 2014, written by Maberry himself, similar to how V-Wars is currently being handled.  The series is set in a world that has been limping along for fifteen years after the zombie apocalypse.  The survivors have formed fenced-in towns in which everyone has a job to do.  Benny Imura and his friends make their way through this world where the zombies aren't always the greatest danger.

“The Rot & Ruin isn’t about how many zombies you can kill or how much gore you can sling around the page," said writer Maberry, "These are stories about real kids making hard choices about their lives. It’s about kids learning how to become powerful in a hard and dangerous world. It’s about finding the value of human life and discovering what it means to be alive.”

The ongoing series will feature the interior artwork of Tony Vargas with colorist Oliver Lee Acre.  Alex Ronald is on board for cover artwork.  This adaptation isn't the only one as the novels are currently in development to become a major motion picture.

I haven't read the Rot & Ruin novels, but this makes me want to check them out.  The V-Wars comic had the same effect.  I like the idea of a zombie comic that's focused more on what people do after the outbreak has established itself instead of everyone just running for cover all the time.  

The first issue of Rot & Ruin is due out in September 2014.

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