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The stellar Sabrina the Teenage Witch mini-series comes to a close this week from Archie Comics. The publisher has announced the team is getting back together for a sequel series in Spring 2020 called Sabrina: Something Wicked. Writer Kelly Thompson, artists Veronica & Andy Fish, and letterer Jack Morelli are all returning to follow the magical mayhem as Sabrina’s powers rise and the forces of darkness are not quite as at-bay as she and her fellow witches thought.

"I knew we had a tough task ahead because the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic is — rightly so — beloved!" Thompson said. "And we were coming in and doing something very different — but people really seemed to embrace it and fall in love. It's been fantastic. The second volume spins directly out of the first, and a lot of the things that we began setting up there will get explored in this second volume. The tone and approach will be similar but it will be a little darker and more dangerous, the stakes even higher." 

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"We can't wait to read what Kelly has coming," Veronica Fish said. "She always writes so much fun visual material as well as leaving space for us to add in our own little flourishes." Andy Fish added, "I love what Kelly did with the first one and I'm looking forward to where she takes us. Kelly has a terrific reputation for making these characters feel real and she knocked it out of the park. Bring on more!"

"It's not hype to say Sabrina the Teenage Witch by Kelly, Veronica, Andy, and Jack was a critical and sales success," said Archie Comics Co-President and series editor Alex Segura. "They perfectly threaded the needle —  telling a tale with heart, magic, humor, action, and a dash of danger and action. It felt natural and true, and the reader response was overwhelmingly positive. I'd be a terrible editor if I didn't ask for more!" 

While Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is firmly in the horror space, Sabrina the Teenage Witch dabbled with it, coupling with some great teen drama and a pinch of romance. It was a nice mix that’s perfect for the young adult crowd. I’m pumped to see what else this creative team can do with the character.

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