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One thing we here at Horror DNA pride above all else is the talent of our reviewers, and Janine Pipe is no exception. Her latest novel, Sausages – The Making of Dog Soldiers, dives into Neil Marshall's werewolf classic, Dog Soldiers. The book is now available and if you like her reviews, there's no doubt you'll like her prose! It will be released by Encyclopocalypse Publications on May 13th, 2022. Check out what's in store:

Sausages – The Making of Dog Soldiers is a celebration of Neil Marshall’s debut soldiers versus werewolves movie released in 2002. To coincide with the 20-year anniversary, we take a deep dive, behind the scenes look at the cult classic. As well as a full retrospective, you will find interviews with the cast and crew, never seen before photographs, original shot list, excerpts from the script and more. Sausages combines full access to Neil’s insight and Janine’s passion for her all-time favourite movie. If you love the tone of Dog Soldiers, if you enjoy the camaraderie – this will be the perfect companion to this fan-favourite film.

“Janine Pipe’s Sausages: The Making Of Dog Soldiers pulls off the impossible: it manages to capture the raucous, brawling energy of my favorite werewolf film, it brings to light a treasure trove of new information, and it climbs inside the minds of everyone involved in this miracle of ingenuity and determination. Whether you’re a fan of Dog Soldiers, the horror genre, or true stories about people overcoming the odds to create something special, this book is essential reading. I loved every page of it and will be reading it again—right after I re-watch Neil Marshall’s wonderful movie.” —Jonathan Janz, Author of THE SIREN AND THE SPECTER and CHILDREN OF THE DARK

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