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British filmmakers Sean Cronin and Peter Stylianou’s London-based feature vampire film Drained has completed post-production and is headed to market at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival (May 14-25, 2024) in Cannes, France.

The supernatural horror film – which was co-directed and produced by Cronin and Peter Stylianou from a screenplay by the latter – was filmed in London, England, and is a Magnificent Films/House 54/Red Guerilla Films co-production. Additional producers include Daniel Patrick Vaughan and Tony Currier. Cronin as an actor has portrayed villains in dozens of box office hits, as well as having directed several award-winning titles, including the upcoming feature Bogieville. Peter Stylianou is a writer/director with two feature film credits already to his name.


In the neon-soaked streets of London, Thomas, a jobless post-graduate concept artist, falls in love with Rhea, a mysterious woman who turns out to be a vampire. As their twisted romance unfolds, Thomas's health deteriorates, and he spirals out of control.

Ruaridh Aldington (Dirty Boy) and Madalina Bellariu Ion (Dampyr) star as the ill-fated couple, with supporting cast which includes Craig Conway (Dog Soldiers), Angela Dixon (Never Let Go), Andrew Lyle-Pinnock, Natasha Patel (The Witcher: Blood Origin), Andrew Lee Potts (Band of Brothers), Diana Yekinni, Ayvianna Snow, Kenton Lloyd Morgan and Timothy Blore. Special makeup effects are by Francesca Reidie, with Ellie Campbell handling production design and cinematography by Daniel Patrick Vaughan.

Speaking of Drained, director Sean Cronin says:

Stylistically, the film is a mesmerizing blend of darkness and beauty. With a neon-noir aesthetic reminiscent of a night bus ride through London's rain-soaked streets, we worked hard to capture the city's underbelly, with a score and soundtrack that echoes the allure of Drive with its synth 80s sound, striking the perfect balance between atmospheric and engaging.

Peter Stylianou adds:

Beneath the surface of this vampiric romance, the film delves deeper, exploring the addictive nature of today's society. Just as Thomas becomes ensnared in Rhea's world, modern life presents its own metaphorical vampires, be it social media, substance abuse, or other self-destructive habits. The film paints a striking portrait of why individuals give themselves to these draining forces.

Lead actress Madalina Bellariu Ion says:

Growing up in Transylvania, Romania, I've always dreamt of playing a vampire. So, portraying Rhea was a perfect fit for me! The blend of fantasy horror and gritty realism in this film created an unforgettable experience that stayed with me long after filming ended. I hope the audience feels the same way after watching it. It's a truly unique vampire film.

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