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The second edition of Glen Kay's Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide, shuffles to the shelves October 1st with the author exploring the rise, fall and resurrection of undead flicks, from 1932's White Zombie all the way up to 2012's Cabin in the Woods.

From the press release:

Now revised and expanded to include over 100 new spine-tingling films, along with their accompanying posters and stills, this latest edition of Zombie Movies also includes a forward from renowned Cuban director Alejandro Brugués (Juan of the Dead).  Regaling zombie movie fans with nearly 400 movie reviews using the author's own illustrated rating system, this compendium also includes rare interviews with motion picture talents, a countdown of the 25 greatest zombie films ever made and a hilarious guide to what differentiates a zombie from other ghouls, ghosts and monsters. Tracing the evolution of the zombie in pop culture over the decades - from voodoo slave to brain-eating undead to raging infected - Zombie Movies provides plenty of informative and entertaining brain food for serious fans and casual moviegoers alike.

Combining in-depth coverage of the genre's most chilling (and sometimes humorous) films with 16 pages of color poster reproductions and more than 200 black and white movie stills, Zombie Movies is a fun and fascinating overview of a film genre that, like its monsters, just won't die.

I've been burnt out on the whole zombie craze as of late, but I'm all over this book. Just because there's a ridiculous amount of undead themed books, movies and games now that don't grab my interest, I still love reading about my favorite films from the past.

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