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Shadow House Publishing has released five novellas in the Horror Hall of Fame Novellas series. Check out what's coming your way!

Two Versions of Arthur Machen’s Cosmic Horror Classic Together for the First Time!

A Warning to Humanity from a Master of Weird Fiction!

For centuries mankind ravaged the world…now Nature strikes back! When the trees begin to move and animals turn against their masters, blood will spill and souls will be lost to…THE TERROR!

“Of living creators of cosmic fear raised to its most artistic pitch, few if any can hope to master the versatile Arthur Machen.” – H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature

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“Maybe the best (horror story) in the English language.” – Stephen King, (about The Great God Pan)

Arthur Machen is widely acknowledged as a master of horror fiction, exposing the cosmic nightmares of existence that lurk beneath reality. Such classics as The Great God Pan and The White People shocked the world and solidified his reputation. The Terror, published in 1916, and its greatly altered short story version The Coming of the Terror are every bit as powerful as his earlier works.

The first book in Shadow House Publishing’s Horror Hall of Fame Novellas, this special edition is edited and introduced by critically acclaimed horror author William Simmons.

A Savage Werewolf Classic by the Author of The Velveteen Rabbit?!

Shed your skin and lose your inhibitions with the forgotten American werewolf novel that inspired H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Dunwich Horror”!

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Folk-horror by a founding female of fright!

Written by the author of kid’s classic The Velveteen Rabbit, Margery Williams Bianco, this rare werewolf thriller is also a treasure of lycanthrope folklore.

Represents the terror and pathos of the werewolf “as powerfully as Dracula did for the vampire.” -Larry Talbot

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A small village doctor races to discover who-or what- is murdering the locals of a Pennsylvania village. Is it a madman? A vengeful spirit? Or a werewolf?

A battle between science and the supernatural is waged amidst small town prejudice as he fights to save the woman he loves…and his very soul!

Supernatural author and critic William Simmons edits and introduces the second volume of Shadow House Publishing’s Horror Hall of Fame Novellas. This special edition features an appendix of werewolf legend, lore, and short fiction.


The most terrifying psychological ghost story of the English language!

the beckoning fair one poster large

You don’t know real terror until you’ve read…

beckoning one visual

A stressed novelist moves to a new apartment to write. But he isn’t alone…soft laughter, faded perfume, and stealthy footsteps pursue him. A woman moves in the darkness, enticing his body and tormenting his mind. Can an old friend save him before he rushes into the cold arms of death?

This special edition is edited and introduced by acclaimed horror author William Simmons. This third volume in Shadow House Publishing’s Horror Hall of Fame Novellas series includes a bonus short story by the author, showcasing the diversity of his female ghosts.

Would she cuckold her husband…with a dead man?!

a phantom lover poster large

A story of death, desire, and damnation by Vernon Lee, a female pioneer of horror fiction.

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A chilling ghost story by a femme fatale of fright that exposes the hypocrisy and sexism of its-and our-time

A loving, but ineffectual husband, a narcissistic wife, and a vengeful spirit form the world’s weirdest love triangle in all literature. Alice Oke fancies herself the reincarnation of the tragic ancestress that murdered her paramour. Is she delusional, or will her wedding bed become her grave?

Vernon Lee (pseudonym for Violet Paget) was a feminist lesbian art critic who revealed the sublime beauty of horror and condemned social injustice. In this, her most celebrated work, she reveals the terror of the malignant past and unnatural desire.

Supernatural fiction authority, William Simmons edits and introduces this fourth volume in the Horror Hall of Fame Novellas series. As a bonus, this special edition includes the author’s pivotal essay “Faustus and Helena: Notes on the Supernatural in Art”.

The Old Ones Live in H.P. Lovecraft’s Greatest Mythos Story!

the case of charles dexter ward poster large

Death defies space and time in a terror titan’s most terrifying entry in the Cthulhu Mythos!

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Stands with At the Mountains of Madness and The Shadow Out of Time as a classic of cosmic weird fiction.

A young scholar cursed by the Eldritch evil of the past…unspeakable beings creeping through the earth…the ultimate terror released on Providence, Rhode Island.

Editor William Simmons unlocks the evil of this fifth volume in Shadow House Publishing’s Horror Hall of Fame Novellas series. This special edition includes an introduction, bonus short fiction, and Lovecraft’s “Notes on Writing Weird Fiction”.

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William Simmons is an acclaimed author, critic, anthologist, and journalist specializing in supernatural horror fiction. Eight of his stories received ‘Honorable Mentions’ in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror. His collection By Reason of Darkness received rave reviews from Cemetery Dance, All Hallows, and Publisher’s Weekly, who called him “a writer whose approach is both original and refreshingly unconventional.”

William loves to speak horror with fans and readers, and is available for podcast appearances and interviews. Contact him at Facebook (@WilliamsSimmonsAuthor), Twitter (@SimmonsofNight), Goodreads, and Amazon Author Central.

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