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Shadow House Publishing has announced its third title in its Library of Weird Fiction. This time its an anthology celebrating the Great God Pan: Baptisms of Horror & Ecstasy: Supernatural Stories of the Gread God Pan and it's now available to purchase.

His scream inspires terror, His song is a savage seduction. Madness is His gift, liberation His curse.

God, demon, and folk-hero, Pan has left His cloven hoofprints across centuries of myth and literature. Guardian of nature and personification of raw existence, this lustful and numinous deity represents the primordial creative and destructive energies of the universe, seducing humanity to heights of pleasure and depths of depravity. Kneel before the ancient nature god and receive BAPTISIMS OF HORROR & ECSTASY: SUPERNATURAL STORIES OF THE GREAT GOD PAN, a comprehensive anthology exploring Faunus in all His grisly guises, edited by bestselling anthologist William P. Simmons.

Despite claims to the contrary, Pan is NOT dead. He lives in our secret desires and fevered dreams. He is eternally resurrected through our imagination. This eclectic collection of fiction and poetry captures Him in His varied manifestations of lust, brutality, and horror. Here is Pan as embodiment of chaotic nature; sexual liberator; Sylvian protector, and demonic fiend. From Romantic poets Keats and Shelley to weird fiction pioneers Arthur Machen and Algernon Blackwood, literary legends join underrepresented authors and modern pulpsters in a bacchanalian orgy of weird literature wonderous to behold.

A boy’s mind is shattered by a horrifying woodland encounter. A cynic mocks Pan at her own peril. Occult experiments reveal the chaos of existence. Outcasts find sexual liberation in a satyr’s touch. A statue is diabolically cursed. An engaged woman is seduced by an unseen dancing partner. A Naturalist’s obsession leads to spiritual annihilation. Animals find salvation in Pan’s piping. A child plays with damnation in the forest. These and other bewitching stories are accompanied by bewitching poetry by Oscar Wilde, Lord Dunsany, Aleister Crowley (the Great Beast himself), and many more.

This third volume in Shadow House Library of Weird Fiction is a frightening feast of folk horror, magical realism, and gothic chills. Many of the stories are reprinted and anthologized here for the first time, and Simmons provides literary context with a comprehensive Introduction and Notes. Experience Pan at his most horrifying, nurturing, and visionary. Follow Faunus to the outer reaches of experience and deep into the damnable darkness of your own heart.

Table of Contents:
The Horror and the Ecstasy
The Music on the Hill, Saki
Pan: Double Villanelle, Oscar Wilde
The Story of a Panic, E.M. Forster
Hymn of Pan, Percy Bysshe Shelley
The Passing of Pan, Guy Wetmore Carryl
The Great God Pan, Arthur Machen
Hymn to Pan, Aleister Crowley
The Next Heir, Theo Douglas
Dryas and Lady Greenleaf, R. Murray Gilchrist
In the Woods, Amyas Northcote
The Moon-Slave, Barry Pain
Hymn to Pan, John Keats
Pan’s Pipes, Robert Louis Stevenson
The Death of Pan, Lord Dunsany
The Tomb of Pan, Lord Dunsany
The Prayer of the Flowers, Lord Dunsany
The Touch of Pan, Algernon Blackwood
Old Pipes and the Dryad, Frank R. Stockton
The Man Who Went Too Far, E.F. Benson
Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Kenneth Grahame

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