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Listen, I love Shudder. I praise the service so often you would think they are paying me (they aren't, I'm a paid subscriber just like you -- or at least you should be one). It's not just because the company has a great lineup of films, documentaries, and more, but the folks behind the scenes are kicking ass left and right. For example, have you seen the Shudder original documentary, Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror, yet? No? Go watch that then come back.

Great doc, right? And don't get me started on the Joe Bob Briggs specials it had. So if it's not clear, Shudder is crushing it not just with its film selections, but also with its original programming. Now you can add Creepshow the TV series to its growing catalog.

Production has begun on the upcoming series, and my God, would you look at who's involved. First, it's the executive producer is Greg Nicotero. Not only is he the N in the amazing effects house KNB (WHO IS ALSO DOING THE SPECIAL EFFECTS FOR CREEPSHOW!!), he has a great resume, including directing some of the better episodes of The Walking Dead. Back when I was still watching that show, every time an episode stood out, nine times out of 10 it was his name on the director's card. Plus he's a hell of a nice guy. You ever see him on the guest card a horror con near you, you go if only to meet him. You won't be disappointed.

Then, you have the writers. Holy cow, just look at that lineup. Just look at it! You have some heavy hitters in that mix. Admittedly, I've not read all of them, but I've heard of them, and Hill, Malerman and Lansdale always deliver. Oh, did I forget to mention King's name? Yeah, he's got a story in the mix too.

The directing lineup is great too. Nicotero, David Bruckner (The Ritual) and Rob Schrab I already dig, so I'm looking forward to the works of the others, especially Roxanne Benjamin, whose work I've not been fortunate to check out yet, but I've heard good things.

Am I gushing a little? Yup, and I'm not ashamed of it. I can't wait to cook up some popcorn, plop my fat ass on the couch, and binge the hell out of this. Remember, if you don't have Shudder, you can always sign up for a commitment-free 7-day trial by going to http://www.shudder.com.

Hurry up, Shudder. We're waiting.

greg nicotero smallShudder, AMC Networks’ premium streaming service for thriller, suspense and horror, announced today that production has begun on its first long-form original TV series, ​Creepshow, in Atlanta, GA. Executive produced by ​The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero, the horror series is based on the iconic 1982 anthology film written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero.

The six-episode season will feature an adaptation of an as-yet unannounced Stephen King story, as well as segments based on stories by other award-winning and acclaimed horror writers, including:

  • “By the Silvery Waters of Lake Champlain” by Joe Hill (​NOS4A2)
  • “House of the Head” by Josh Malerman (​Bird Box​)
  • “The Companion” by Joe Lansdale (​The Bottoms)
  • “The Man in the Suitcase” by Christopher Buehlman (​The Lesser Dead)
  • “All Hallows Eve” by Bruce Jones (​The Hitchhiker)
  • “Night of the Paw” by John Esposito (​The Walking Dead: Webisodes)
  • “Bad Wolf Down” by Rob Schrab (​Monster House)

“Having the opportunity to embrace the spirit of ​Creepshow and expand on what George and Steve created is, without a doubt, a lifelong dream come true,” said executive producer Greg Nicotero. “Having grown up in Pittsburgh, ​Creepshow​ lives in a special place for me. I had the good fortune to visit the set as a teenager. I was able to look behind the curtain of filmmaking, and it changed me forever. I’m honored to continue telling the stories in the ‘comic book come to life’ world that fans fell in love with. This fall we will be‘opening the coffin’ and unleashing upon the world our demented and ghastly stories, crafted by the best in business.”

In addition to his EP duties, Nicotero will direct some of the series. Other installments will be helmed by David Bruckner, director of the acclaimed horror film ​The Ritual; Roxanne Benjamin, director of segments of ​Southbound and ​XX; and Rob Schrab, whose numerous TV directing credits include ​Ghosted and ​Community. John Harrison, who was the first assistant director for George Romero on the original ​Creepshow​ movie (and who also composed the film’s theme), will be directing a story he co-wrote with Nicotero.

Nicotero’s Oscar® and multiple Emmy® award-winning company, KNB EFX GROUP Inc., will be handling ​Creepshow’s Creature and Make-Up Effects.

“We’re thrilled to have Greg Nicotero on board to transform ​Creepshow​ into a series, featuring stories by giants in the horror field like Stephen King and Joe Hill, as well as a fantastic lineup of writers, directors and special effects wizards,” said Shudder GM Craig Engler. “This a dream series for fans of the original movies and for anyone who wants to experience ‘the most fun you can have being scared.’”

The DNA of the original movie is firmly embedded in the new series: in addition to King and Harrison’s return to the franchise, fans will recall that Joe Hill, King’s son, played comic-book-loving “Billy” in the 1982 film’s wrap-around segments. Nicotero also provided make-up effects on the 1987 follow-up, ​Creepshow 2, among his earliest screen credits. Additional stories and directors, as well as key casting, will be announced later this year.

Shudder’s Creepshow will be produced by the Cartel with Monster Agency Productions, Taurus Entertainment, and Striker Entertainment: Stan Spry, Jeff Holland, and Eric Woods are executive producers for the Cartel; Greg Nicotero and Brian Witten are executive producers for Monster Agency Productions; Robert Dudelson, James Dudelson and Jordan Kizwani are executive producers for Taurus Entertainment; Russell Binder is executive producer and Marc Mostman co-executive producer for Striker Entertainment. ​Creepshow​ will premiere on Shudder later this year.

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