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On October 31st, 2020, no less, our very own Ali Chappell kicked off the first episode of her new series, Small Scares with Lula Mae. The series focuses on boosting short horror films, hosted by the talented Ali as Lula Mae. Ali is a spectacular person through and through and we'll be watching this series with excitement. You should, too!

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Canadian based company Spooky Media is set to premiere its first series, Small Scares with Lula Mae on Halloween, October 31st, 2020. The show is a weekly online short film showcase that aims to highlight the work of genre-based filmmakers working in the short film format from all around the world. Created by and hosted by indie actress Ali Chappell (Full Moon’s NECROPOLIS: LEGION, SPACE VAMPIRE), Small Scares with Lula Mae sees Chappell inhabiting the character of Lula Mae Mortis, “The Satanic Socialite”, who will introduce an exciting and innovative short horror film every week.

“There are so many incredible filmmakers out there,” says Chappell.

“And just because the current situation has silenced many festivals and complicated the ways in which artists get their work out, doesn’t mean that the show must stop. Small Scares is our way to shine a light on some of these remarkable short films framed in a fun and innovative and hopefully engaging way – through the eyes of the sweet and evil ‘Satanic Socialite’!”

Filmmakers interested in submitting their work are invited to check out the Small Scares with Lula Mae Film Freeway page at https://filmfreeway.com/SmallScareswithLulaMae

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