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If you've ever wanted to investigate a haunted house with some friends, then you can live vicariously through Specter Inspectors, a new five-issue mini-series debuting in February from BOOM! Studios. The queer paranormal series from Bowen McCurdy and Kaitlyn Musto follows a group of social media savvy ghost hunters seeking out the supernatural in order to prove if ghosts are real.

True believer Noa, her cynical little sibling Gus, credulous camera man Ko, and Noa’s skeptical best friend (and secret crush) Astrid head to one of the most haunted towns in America to prove that ghosts exist, for all the social media likes! The investigations of hauntings uncover something more devilish than just a couple of ghosts, something that will put Noa and Astrid’s relationship to the test… and reveal the centuries-old sinister secrets of the town itself.

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"This book is everything I wanted to read when I was young; queer characters on adventures, ghosts, romance, and only a handful of demons. The story is based on one of the first comics I ever did, so it has a big place in my heart. I fell in love with the Specter Inspectors while writing them, and even more so while bringing them to life through art. I'm so excited to share them with you!" said McCurdy.

Specter Inspectors is an exciting mix of paranormal shenanigans, cryptic mysteries, and a queer love story to give you the warm fuzzies—after all the horror,” said Musto. “I’m ecstatic to be able to finally share this ghostly adventure with the world. Working on this story has been an amazing ride, and I hope readers fall in love with the Specter Inspectors cast as I did writing them.”

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“Who doesn’t love a misfit group of supernatural skeptics and true believers running into danger, solving mysteries, and falling in love while hot on the trail of this year’s trendiest ghosts?” said Shannon Watters, Senior Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Bowen and Kaitlyn have brought the incredibly loveable cast of Spector Inspectors and their ghost hunting adventures to life, and we can’t wait for readers to join in on the fun next year!” 

Specter Inspectors #1 features a main cover by Bowen McCurdy and variant covers by Erican Henderson and Mirka Andolfo. It's set for release in February 2021.

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