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You Survived 2020, Now the True Survival Horror Begins as Song of Horror Makes Its Way to Consoles

Console fans can finally rejoice, as Raiser Games and Protocol Games are happy to announce that survival horror hit Song of Horror makes the transition from PC to PlayStation and Xbox on May 28th.

Inspired by old-school survival horror titles, Song of Horror has evolved from Kickstarter origins to become one of the most innovative horror games in recent years. This release grants console players a long-awaited front row seat to the paranormal terror, as the threat of The Presence looms and shapes each player’s experience.

Old-school survival horror is my jam! What’s the story?

Famed writer Sebastian P. Husher – along with his entire family – has vanished without a trace, and you, the player, are sent to investigate his disappearance. Choosing from any of the available 13 characters, Song of Horror is a third-person experience that dabbles with elements of Lovecraft and the genre’s greats.

“We’ve always been incredibly humbled by the reception Song of Horror received from PC players, and now’s the time to drag console players into the brooding mystery the game has to offer,” says studio co-founder Carlos Grupeli. “The survival horror genre has such a long and rich history on both PlayStation and Xbox that it feels like absolutely the right home for our little ode to all that has gone before to an audience that truly appreciates real scares.”

Can I pack some great weapons, or do I have to master the art of stealth?

Song of Horror places heavy emphasis on a non-combat approach, with a focus on escaping and hiding. Players should also be wary of their noise levels, as triggering terrifying manifestations can result in the protagonist’s collapsing sanity. With The Presence – an AI-powered threat that adapts to your gameplay – constantly terrorising you, it is a tension-filled ordeal unlike any other.

Special features to keep you severely spooked and hooked:

  • The Presence is a truly dynamic antagonist that reacts to your actions and decisions through Artificial Intelligence.
  • The dark entity responds to your way of playing and pursues you in a variety of unexpected ways. This allows for unique experiences between players and creates natural tension instead of building a reliance on scripted scares and scenes. You have a realistic, front-row seat to the horror.
  • Investigate with a variety of characters, each with different ways of relating to the story and exploring the world. See through their eyes and approach clues and items in distinctive ways.
  • The actions and decisions of these characters will shape the world, providing an interesting, ever-changing experience. Some may have greater awareness of the events, while others prove to be greater at tackling the manifestations of evil. One thing is certain, however – anyone can die in the clutches of The Presence, and unlike many others in the genre where you can rest easy by reloading a prior save, this death can be permanent. It is your responsibility to continue the investigation with another character and solve the mysteries that the fallen ones could not.
  • Each location in the game is inspired by those frequently seen in the genre. An antique shop steeped in mystery, a desolated mental hospital and an abbey lost to time are but a few of the available haunted locations to investigate. Navigate the stifling atmosphere to discover clues and items, solve puzzles and ultimately survive the new wave of survival horror.

Song of Horror will be unleashed on PlayStation and Xbox on 28 May 2021.


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