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There are steps to creating comic book art. There are pencils, then inks, then covers. January's Spawn #314 will feature each step in the process as separate creative covers. We'll see Greg Capullo's pencils, following by Todd McFarlane's inks, and finally a colored version.

In Spawn #314, fans will see the return of Omega Spawn...! This towering super-villain becomes the driving force towards Spawn assembling his new Super-Team. Medeival Spawn joins the action this issue!

"I think it will be interesting and educational for readers to be able to see all three of the big creative steps that goes into making any cover. In this particular case they'll be treated to the astonishing penciled artwork by iconic artist Greg Capullo (Batman, Spawn, DC Metals). This is the 'raw' cover," said McFarlane. "Then there will be a black & white, inked version in which I get to ink over Greg's wonderful work. Then lastly, there will be the usual full colored version of this piece displaying the skillful hand of FCO (famed colorist of many of Capullo's past projects [Batman, Haunt, DC Metals].)

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"If you're lucky enough to find all three and can put them on your wall it will be a spectacular looking tribute to an important part of making any comic."

Here are the details for the covers for Spawn #314:

  • Spawn #314 Cover A by Francis Mattina - Diamond Code NOV200169
  • Spawn #314 Cover B by Greg Capullo & McFarlane (color version) - Diamond Code NOV200170
  • Spawn #314 Cover C by Tonton Revolver - Diamond Code NOV200171
  • Spawn #314 Cover D 1:50 incentive (raw Capullo pencils version) - Diamond Code NOV208317 
  • Spawn #314 Cover E by Capullo & McFarlane (inks version) - inquire with your local comic shop

Spawn #314 is set for release on January 27th, 2021.

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