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Creator Peter Ricq has hit Kickstarter for his first ever illustrated prose book, Ghosts are People Too. The all ages title follows a ghost named Ethan Alby as he struggles to understand the land of the living. Check out a sequence from the book where Ethan tries to get the human girl he's crushing on to notice him.

Ethan has a family—just like you. He likes playing with toys and his dog, Mini Ricky. Sometimes, though, Ethan gets scared. In Ghosts are People Too, Ethan shares what scares him, how difficult it is to share a home with a living girl he's fallen for (when she doesn't even know he exists), and why we shouldn't be afraid of one another.

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I'm always curious how creators approach the horror genre for all ages. The scares have to walk a fine line. I asked Ricq about this.

"I try to remember what it was about horror and Halloween that fascinated me as an elementary school kid. I remember loving the atmosphere like the skeletons, the ghosts, the mystery, the colors or lack of colors. In the end, I knew that I felt safe, my parents were home, and my friends were there to explore the neighborhood.

This is what I wanted this book to be like. I created a spooky (yet inviting and cute) atmosphere where one can feel safe. Ethan has a loving family just like yours, and he's your new friend that takes you along on a little paranormal exploration."

Ghosts are People Too is currently on Kickstarter with a week remaining at the time of this writing.

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