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It's no secret that I'm a fan of Mr. Rhee.  The recently wrapped Volume 2: Karmageddon was a stellar read that packed an emotional punch.  I just received my hardcover of the book in the mail from the Kickstarter campaign.  Of course, after the second volume finished up, the question became “When is volume 3 coming?”  The answer is right now.  

Writer / Creator Dirk Manning has announced that Tales of Mr. Rhee: Volume 3 entitled “Those Who Fight Monsters...” has launched as a webcomic for free on the Devil's Due Entertainment site.  New pages will be added daily, Monday through Friday.  The first issue is front loaded, so there are a few extra pages to get you started on your Rhee fix.  The first Wednesday of every month will see the release of the entire issue digitally on ComiXology if you don't feel like waiting to read a page a day.  

The series is five issues long, each with a different art team and each with its own stand alone story.  It all weaves together in one big epic, which is something that Manning is quite good at based on his previous work like Nightmare World.  Mr. Rhee must decide what his relationship with Charity and The P.R.O.M.I.S.E. Group is going to be and what kind of impact his decisions are going to have on the world around him.  

As with the previous volumes of Mr. Rhee, the plan is to have a Kickstarter campaign to collect the series in an exclusive hardcover that will launch in April.  Expect a bunch of extras, a cover from a high-profile horror artist, and some amazing stretch goals.

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