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The Department of Truth launched recently from Image Comics with a bang. This comic from writer James Tynion IV and artist Martin Simmonds shook me to my core. It had a pretty impressive debut as well with over 100,000 orders, but it seems like that wasn't enough as the first issue has sod out. Image is rushing it back to print to keep up with demand.

Cole Turner has studied conspiracy theories all his life, but he isn’t prepared for what happens when he discovers that all of them are true, from the JFK assassination to flat Earth theory and reptilian shapeshifters. One organization has been covering them up for generations. What is the deep, dark secret behind the Department of Truth?

"I'm honestly speechless. You work on a comic book for a few years in isolation, and you hope that people are going to connect with it, but you never really know,” said Tynion IV. “Seeing the response to this series, both on a critical and a commercial front, has been absolutely staggering. Thank you so much for putting your faith in this little book. I am going to work my butt off to make sure it stays the best comic book it can be."

The Department of Truth is Image's third-highest series launch since 2008, following Jupiter's Legacy and the recent The Walking Dead Deluxe.

Simmonds added: “It’s fair to say that the response to The Department of Truth has been quite incredible. To know that so many people have picked up the first issue, and that the reaction has been so enthusiastic, is extra rocket fuel for us to make sure we continue making a book that keeps readers engrossed with every turn of the page. Thank you for all the support, it means the world to us.”

The Department of Truth #1 second printing is set for release on November 4th, 2020.

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