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AfterShock Comics has announced Sympathy for No Devils, a new series debuting in May from writer Brandon Thomas, artist Lee Ferguson, colorist Jose Villarrubia, and letterer Simon Bowland. It follows Winston Wallis, the last human alive in a world with demons, monsters, and ghouls that are lying, cheating, and killing each other for bad reasons. I have to say, I'm intrigued.

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Winston Wallis has a secret. He is all that remains of mankind, and is surrounded on all sides by demons, monsters, and ghouls that picked up where humankind left off – lying, stealing, cheating, and killing. Years ago, it was Winston’s job to investigate such things. Now his ex-partner needs help solving the brutal murder of the world’s largest Colossal. Because he knows the secret. He knows about the magical curse that gives Winston the ability to survive a world where everything is bigger, stronger, and angrier than he is. But how long can Win’s impossible luck last, and will this new case finally be the death of him? He certainly hopes so...

“This book is five different genres beautifully smashed together to create a world that never plays it safe, and always keeps the characters (and hopefully readers) off-guard, with no idea what'll happen next, or which trope is next to be subverted.” says writer Brandon Thomas. “It's an exciting world to tell stories in, and a big part of that is because of the people making it, with a mix of old friends (Lee Ferguson, Mike Marts, Simon Bowland) and new ones (Jose Villarrubia, Christina Harrington). When the first pages came back, it was like being hit with little bolts of lightning---everything just looked and felt right, and you always have that feeling, but until it transforms from words on a page into an actual, living thing, you never know. That first sequence felt welcoming and off-putting in the perfect way, and we're having a blast building out and exploring this new world around a character like Winston.”   

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Sympathy for No Devils #1 features a main cover by Ferguson w/ Villarrubia. It's set for release on May 20th, 2020.

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