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I've said it before: One of the great things about running Horror DNA is the direct contact that filmmakers make with us regarding their projects. And at the same time it can be one of the most frustrating. With all the info we get sent, it's too easy for things to get buried in the inbox and forgotten about too quickly. The Santoro Borthers' short film The Other Side is one project that suffered such a fate, but thankfully Alex Santoro had the foresight to give me a swift poke in the ribs and jog my increasingly unreliable memory.

The Other Side is a 20 minute home invasion horror that I had the immense pleasure of seeing recently. It tells the story of a young nanny, Sophie (Jennie Jaques), who arrives at a remote farmhouse where James (Nick Moran) is struggling to provide for his wife Rachael (Amelia Warner) and she's having a similar struggle adapting to life as a mother to their young child. During the first night an intruder gains access to the house and unleashes a wave of murderous horror. It's a beautifully shot and edited piece with great performances from the experienced cast. It delivers shocks and scares in equal measure and has a fantastically creepy villain that could be as iconic as Jason or Michael if The Other Side can be developed into a feature.

The biggest injustice for most short films is that they're very rarely seen outside of a few select screenings, but The Other Side has been accepted into LA's Screamfest, The Leeds International Film Festival, Grimm Up North, The Telluride Horror Show, Sheffield's Celluloid Screams, Atlanta Horror Film Festival, New orleans Horror Film Festival and the Austin Film Festival. Horror fans are in for a treat at these shows and are lucky to be able to see the beginning of what will hopefully be a long career in horror for the brothers.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to visit the film's official website at http://www.theothersidefilm.co.uk/ and follow the brothers on Twitter: @santorobrothers




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