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AfterShock Comics has announced The Replacer, a new original graphic novel from writer Zac Thompson, artist Arjuna Susini, and colorist Dee Cunniffe. The book, due out in April, is set in the 1990s as tragedy strikes the Beharrell family. The patriarch of the clan is struck down with a debilitating stroke and the youngest child is convinced his paralyzed father is really possessed by a demonic entity called the Replacer. No one else can see the monster and his father falls deeper into the clutches of evil with each passing day.

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The Replacer is a concept I've been developing for a few years. It's about how a little boy, Marcus, who's world is irrevocably changed after he witnesses his father suffer a massive stroke. When his disabled father returns home, permanently paralyzed and unable to speak full sentences, Marcus becomes convinced that his father has been replaced by a demon.” says writer Zac Thompson. “I'm excited for this to come out because this book is a rumination on my own life experience. My father suffered a from a massive stroke when I was seven, and it took me a very long to understand what that meant to me as a person and how much it changed the way I see the world. I'm excited for people to read a horror story with a different kind of lens, and to shine a light on how we treat people with disabilities.”

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As a reminder, Thompson co-wrote my #1 horror comic of 2018, Come Into Me, so I'm on board to check out anything he writes. This sounds like a personal story with a horror bend.

The Replacer clocks in at 65 pages and will retail for $7.99. It's set for release on April 24th, 2019.

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